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January 19, 2024

James Booth
Reports $150k .IO Sale

James Booth reported a $150,000 .IO domain name sale on Twitter this morning...

July 19, 2023

James Booth Reports 3rd Highest Public .io Sale

This morning, James Booth reported that he sold the domain name for $125,000.
MAR 15, 2020

James Booth just sold for $415,000

Announced the sale of the numeric domain name for a whopping $415,000
By Ron Jackson /

James Booth Tops Chart With Three 6-Figure Sales ...

While George Kirikos Uncovers a 7-Figure Blockbuster ...
APRIL 1, 2023

James Booth sold for $80,000...

When posted it will be the 12th highest My keyword sale reported all time.
October 30, 2023 sold for $1.5M

James Booth tweeted out sold for $1.5M. Registered back in 1997 there is a GoDaddy landing page, launching soon

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