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DomainBooth.com only focus on high quality names rather than quantity. We take our services very seriously and do everything in our power to find that perfect buyer. DomainBooth.com is a unique brokerage and we certainly stand out for many reasons

  1. We focus on the Top 1% of domain names. There are currently around 1,940,000,000 (1.94 Billion) domain names registered. Our specialty are Domains that are words, acronyms, phrases and other key criteria.
  2. We only take on a small number of Domain Names for Brokerage. We focus on premium names so if your Domain is selected you know you have a valuable asset.
  3. We have closed over $30,000,000 in sales over the last 4 years.
  4. We are proactive and find the right buyer and in this process we educate the buyer to pursue a purchasing decision. Our network and expertise allows us to seek out the decision makers in companies. These are the people that will see and understand the value of your asset.
  5. We only get paid on a successful sale!

Would you like to know what your IP or Digital Asset is worth? Are you looking to purchase a Domain Name and want to know how much you should be paying?

DomainBooth.com is the best option to get the most up to date and accurate valuation on either your domain name or the domain name you are looking to purchase. Online appraisal and valuation tools are notorious for giving completely irrelevant information. We keep our ears to the ground and follow the markets on a daily basis and have done for many years. We analyze, study and examine domain names unlike anyone else. Additional to this we have proprietary tools that allow us to have access to areas that no other domain brokers have.

Not only do we do outbound sales but we also specialize in stealth domain name and website acquisitions. DomainBooth.com has a dedicated team that deals with this. We have carefully selected experts who have years of experience in this area. This ensures you or your business get the best domain that fits your needs and the best service. We have built long lasting relationships and have specialist tools that make sure we get the job done. This helps us achieve the targets needed.

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DomainBooth is the solution

At DomainBooth.com we have our specialist tools and a huge database of top quality names. We are known for our Domain Tracking abilities from owners around the world. We have spent years building relationships, a global reputation and knowledge and bring you the best names that are not publicly available on the market. We provide 100% confidentiality with our stealth acquisitions allowing you the privacy you need and securing the perfect domain name. Our CEO James Booth who has won several awards for Domain Name Acquisitions and Sales is globally knows as one of the top Domain Brokers in the world especially when it comes to appraisals and valuations.

Our Terms and Fees

DomainBooth.com are easy to work with and very flexible when it comes down to our fees. Simply contact us now to assist you in acquiring the Domain Name that you or your business needs. We will save you money and only work on a successful acquisition / fee basis. Our Domain Name Acquisition services are 100% risk free and only get paid if we are successful. Our minimum acquisition fee is $500 USD

Domain Name Transfer and Completion Process

Once an agreement is reached and we secure you the domain you need we would begin the final transaction process. We will provide a Purchase Agreement to make sure you acquire all the rights, title and interest in that particular intellectual property.

Once both parties have signed the agreement we will initiate as Escrow.com transaction who is a trusted partner of DomainBooth.com. We have completed over $30 Million in transactions through Escrow.com and we have found them to be the most reliable and trusted agent out there. Upon acceptance of the terms payment is made to Escrow.com. Once the payment is approved the seller is then notified to transfer the Domain Name and any other additional parts that have been agreed to. The funds are not released to the seller until you are in control of the Domain Name. All details remain 100% confidential unless agreed otherwise. All information you provide us is strictly confidential.


DomainBooth.com's Domain Name Broker Service offers owners the highest possible level of outreach that the domain name industry offers. We identify the relevant end users who are actual real businesses and parties who will be the ones who bring the most value from your assets. Every single Domain Name is unique. Our experience helps us navigate thoroughly with our marketing and sales process. We cover every step which includes locating the relevant people, picking up the phone and speaking directly with the main decision maker. Our commission is a success fee. That means you pay nothing until we are successful and close the deal. Our brokerage service is 12.5% of the final sale price with a minimum sale of $1,000 USD. We do require an exclusive brokerage agreement on all the domains we represent. This is critical to present the relevant people with a clear and accurate specification on your domain.

Our Newsletter

If your Domain Name is accepted for our newsletter we require a much lesser exclusive agreement of 30 days while we work on the replies for you. For a fee of $750 USD a month you can have your name automatically be listed on our Newsletter every month and also be featured on the 'Featured Domains' section on our homepage.

How are we different?

  1. We handle everything from A to Z relating to your domain name.
  2. Your asset will be put directly to the key decision makers so higher chances of making a sale and getting the best possible price.
  3. We have over 25 years combined experience.
  4. We specialize in brokerage to the relevant companies and buyers.
  5. Globally awarded Top 3 Domain Brokerage.

Would you like us to get to work for you?


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